PLANT LIFE 03/08/2010

Helping plants grow well

Plants need air, light, warmth, water and nutrients to be healthy. If they are healthy, they can continue making their own through photosynthesis. You can also know about the important parts of a plant - toots, leaves and the stem.

What a plant needs to grow

A plant needs these things to grow well:

  • air

  • light

  • warmth

  • water

  • nutrients

A healthy plant is upright with green leaves.

A seed will not produce a plant at all if it is kept too cold. The seed needs warmth to germinate and start to grow into a healthy plant.

A plant that is kept in a dark place will grow tall and spindly in search of light and then become weak and die.

A plant that is not watered will have a weak stem and dried up leaves and will eventually die.

What different parts of plants do
  • The roots of a plant take up water and nutrients from the soil. The roots also keep the plant steady and upright in the soil; they "anchor" the plant.

  • The stem carries water and nutrients to different parts of the plant.

  • The leaves use light from the sun, along with carbon dioxide from the air and water to make food for the plant. This process is called photosynthesis.



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