Imperatives are used to give orders or suggestions. For example: "Come here!" or "Have a cookie". Here are some of the situations where you can use the imperatives.


- Close the door! 
- Stand up! 
- Sit down! 
- Open your books!


To make a cup of coffee:
Boil some water
Put some coffee in a cup
Add some water
Drink the coffee.


To go to the bank: Turn left at Orchard Street, and then go straight.

Offers and Invitations

Have some tea
Come over to our house sometime.


The verb let is often used as an imperative to give strong suggestions. Let's is a contraction of let us

For example:
- Let's go home!
- Let's watch a movie!

So, let's revise what we have just said ...
We can use the imperative to give a direct order.

  1. Take that chewing gum out of your mouth.
  2. Stand up straight.
  3. Give me the details.
We can use the imperative to give instructions.

  1. Open your book.
  2. Take two tablets every evening.
  3. Take a left and then a right.
We can use the imperative to make an invitation.

  1. Come in and sit down. Make yourself at home.
  2. Please start without me. I'll be there shortly.
  3. Have a piece of this cake. It's delicious.

We can use the imperative on signs and notices.

  1. Push.
  2. Do not use.
  3. Insert one dollar.

We can use the imperative to give friendly informal advice.

  1. Speak to him. Tell him how you feel.
  2. Have a quiet word with her about it.
  3. Don't go. Stay at home and rest up. Get some sleep and recover.

We can make the imperative 'more polite' by adding 'do'.