This is the place where you will find important notices, such as test and exam dates. 
Visit this page every week to see whether there is anything new.

Times Tables Test 

On Friday 18th March 2011, the children will be having a times tables test. Please make sure that they study and do their revision well. 

Carnival Celebration Day 

On Friday 4th March 2011, the children will be having a Carnival Celebration day. On the day, children who are willing, can come to school with their Carnival costume. If you want your child to get the chicken roll on the day, please fill in the paper handed to your child and stapled in the notebook and send it back to school together with the right amount of money. Thanks!

November Tests

In November, all Year 4 classes will be having their tests. Tests will start on Monday 15th November 2010 and will take place all week. This is the timetable for your tests: 

Monday 15th November - English         
Tuesday 16th November - Maltese          
Wednesday 17th November - Maths
Thursday 18th November - Religion       
Friday 19th November - Social Studies  

Educational outing payments

Dear parents / guardians,

I would greatly appreciate if you could be so kind to give your children the exact amount of money when paying for educational outings. It would make life easier and help me reduce the time 'wasted' to get the required change.

Also, it would be very nice if you could refrain from sending the money on the exact date of the outing. Notices are given way in advance which gives you plenty of time to settle down the payment before the exact outing day. Thanks!

School Lunch

Please note that no sweets are being allowed in class or during outings.

Also please remember, that same as last year, children cannot get cakes to school when they have their birthday. If they would like to get packed snacks, this is accepted but no one should feel obliged to do so. Thanks!